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Engines: C4.4 3054C C7.1 C3.3 3054E 

Rear seal oil with housing used in CATerpillar engines C4.4 3054C C7.1 C3.3 3054E 

Other symbol / cross reference: 2324779

Used in machines: 326D2 L 323F SA 316E L 326D2 330 313D2 LGP 330D2 L 320D2 L 320 GC 313D2 GC 329D2 M315F 313D2 312D2 GC 320D2 320 323D2 L 318D2 L 329D2 L 323D3 320D2 GC 316F L 325F LCR M317F 323F OEM 314E CR 330D2 318E L 313F 318F L 312E 320D2 FM 312D2 323 315C 312D2 L 312F 313F L 325F 314E LCR 314F CR 318D2 330 GC 315F LCR 336 GC 323D2 312E L 323F 320F L 323F LN 434F 416F2 416D 430D 428E 422F 428F 432D 420D 430E 432F 450F 422F2 420E 416E 450 434E 444F 440 442E 422E 416F 420F2 414E 444F2 428F2 444E 442D 450E 428D 432E 434F2 430F2 420F 430F 432F2 426 F2 424D M323F M314F M315C M313D M316F M320D2 M315D M313C M315D2 M324D2 MH M317D2 M322D2 M322D2 MH TL642C TH514D TL943D TH360B TH408D TH340B TH336C TL1055C TH407C TL1055D TH357D TH337C TL1255C TH215 TL642D TL1255D TL943C TH3510D TH406C TH330B TH560B TH350B TH355B TH210 TH220B TH460B TH580B 914G 924K 950 GC 950M 910K 938K 930K 914K 920K 914G2 914M 962L 910M 950L 918M 962M 962

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