Perkins engine serial number

Perkins, as a manufacturer, has produced hundreds of different engines for years and many specifications within them, which causes a problem with the selection of parts exactly for your engine

All the necessary information is contained on the engine nameplate. Proper understanding will allow you to select the appropriate parts.

In this article, we will show you where to look and how to correctly read the engine nameplate for Perkins small and medium-sized engines manufactured after 1978

Where to find the engine nameplate


Sample plate:

The engine serial number consists of several parts. We will describe it based on the serial number from a sample plate


  • The first 2 letters are the engine family as in the example: PJ
  • The next 5 digits are the series of engines in the given family 12345
  • "U" is the letter identifying the country of manufacture of the engine
  • The next 6 digits are the unique engine number indicating the specification of this exact engine 123456
  • The last letter indicates the year of production - "P"

Engine production country:

Year of engine production:

E - 1978
F - 1979
G - 1980
H - 1981
J - 1982
K - 1983
L - 1984
M - 1985
N - 1986
P - 1987
S - 1988
T - 1989
U - 1990
V - 1991
W - 1992
X - 1993
Y - 1994
A - 1995
B - 1996
C - 1997
D - 1998
E - 1999
F - 1999
G - 2000
H - 2001
J - 2002
K - 2003
L - 2004
M - 2005
N - 2006
P - 2007
R - 2008
S - 2008
T - 2009
U - 2010
V - 2011

W - 2012
X - 2013
Y - 2014
A - 2015
B - 2016
C - 2017
D - 2018
E - 2019
F - 2020

Perkins family code and engine type:

Most of the Perkins engine service catalogs are made for a specific engine family, so it is very important to decode it correctly before repair

Phaser/1004 Series:
AA 1004-4
AB 1004-4T
AC 1004-4T
AD 1004e-4TW
AE Fed. CC
AF 1004-40S
AG 1004-4
AH 1004-4T

New 1004 Series:
AJ 1004-40
AK 1004-40T
AL 1004-40TA
AM 1004-40T
AP 1004-40
AQ 1004-40T
AR 1004-42
AS 1004-42
AT 1004-40TA

Phaser/1006 Series:
YA 1006-6
YB 1006-6T
YC 1006-6T
YD 1006e-6TW
 Fed. CC
YF 1006-60S

New 1006 Series:
YG 1006-60
YH 1006-60T
YJ 1006-60TA
YK 1006-60TW

1206 Series:
BK 1206E-E66TA
BL 1206E-E70TTA
BM 1206F-E70TA
BN 1206F-E70TTA
BP1 1206A-E70TTA
BQ1 1206D-E70TTA

1206J Series:
VL 1206J-E70TA
VM 1206J-E70TTA

1200 Series:
MK 1204E-E44TA
ML 1204E-E44TTA
MT 1204F-E44TA
MU 1204F-E44TTA
MW 1204F-E44TTA

400C Series:
HB 402C-05
HD 403C-07
HH 403C-11
HL 403C-15
HM 403C-17
HN 404C-15
HP 404C-22
HR 404C-22T

400D Series:
GG 402D-05
GH 403D-07
GJ 403D-11
GK 403D-15
GL 403D-15T
GM 404D-15
GN 404D-22
GP 404D-22T
GR 404D-22TA
GS 403D-17
GT 403A-11
GU 403A-15
GV 404A-22

400F Series:
EG 402F-05
EH 403F-07
EJ 403F-11
EK 403F-15
EL 403F-15T
EN 404F-22
EP 404F-22T
EQ 404F-E22T
ER 404F-E22TA
EW 403F-E17T

400J Series:
IG 402J-05
IH 403J-07
IJ 403J-11
IS 403J-17
IF 403J-17T
IN 404J-22
IQ 404J-E22T
IR 404J-E22TA
IW 403J-E17T

Prima/500 Series:
BA 504-2
BB 504-2T

1103C Series:
DC 1103C-33
DD 1103C-33T
DE 1103C-33TA

1103B Series:
DF 1103B-33
DG 1103B-33T

1103A Series:
DJ 1103A-33
DK 1103A-33T

1103D Series:
XG 1103D-E33
XH 1103D-E33T
XJ 1103D-E33TA
XK 1103D-33
XL 1103D-33T
XM 1103D-33TA

1104C Series:
RE 1104C-44
RF 1104C-E44
RG 1104C-44T
RH 1104C-E44T
RJ 1104C-44TA
RK 1104C-E44TA

1104A Series :
RR 1104A-44
RS 1104A-44T
RT 1104A-44TA

1106C Series :
VK 1106C-E60TA

1104D Series:
NH 1104D-E44T
NJ 1104D-E44TA
NK 1104D-44
NL 1104D-44T
NM 1104D-44TA
NP 1104D-E44T
NR 1104D-E44TA

1106D Series:
PJ 1106D-E66TA
PK 1106C-E66TA1
PP 1106A-70T
PR 1106A-70TA
PT 1106C-70TA
PU 1106D-70TA
PV 1106C-E70TA
PW 1106D-E70TA

3.152 Series:
CB 3.144
CC P3.144
CD 3.152
CE D3.152
CF G3.152
CG P3.152
CJ 3.1522
CM 3.1524
CN T3.1524

4.108 Series:
ED 4.108

4.236 Series:
LA 4.212
LD 4.236
LE G4.236
LG 4.2482
LH C4.236
LJ T4.236
LM 4.41

6.354 Series:
TC 6.354
TD H6.354
TE T6.354
TF HT6.354
TG 6.3541
TH T6.3541
TJ 6.3542
TK C6.3542
TP T6.3543
TR 6.372
TT TC6.3541
TU T6.3544
TV 6.3724
TW 6.3544
TX C6.3544
TY H6.3544
TZ HT6.3544

4.203 Series:
JD  4.203
JE D4.203
JF G4.203
JG 4.2032

Perama/100 Series:
KA 102.04
KB 103.06
KC 103.09
KE 103.15
KF 104.19
KH 103.13
KL 103.07
KN 102.05
KR 104.22
KS 103.11

900 Series:
CP 903-27
CR 903-27T
CS 903-25
CT 903-27S

900J Series:
FL 904J-E28T
FM 904J-E28TA
FT 904D-E36TA
FW 904J-E36TA 
FX 904J-E36TA

700 Series:
UA 704-30
UB 704-26
UC 704-30

800 Series:
UE 804C-33
UF 804C-33T

800D Series:
UK 804D-33
UL 804D-33T
UM 804D-33TA

V8.540 Series:
XA V8.510
XB TV8.510
XC V8.540
XE TV8.540

V8.640 Series:
ZA V8.640
ZB TV8.640

In case of problems, please contact our sales department where we will select the appropriate parts for your engine


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